There is a fascinating story behind everything: you just need to tell it!

What could be a better way to experience your story for others than your personalized event produced on your expectations and the needs of your guests?

With Light Up Event Management you have found your narrator!

Since 2019 Light Up Event Management is a Berlin based event management agency and producer of events with the vision of a self-determined and liberal lifestyle.
Focused on drug policies and the rapidly growing cannabis industries we work on a more liberal and free world, the end of the war on drugs and a life based on more personal responsibility of each individual.
With the exchange of information and a worldwide network of like-minded partners Light Up Event Management supports the upcoming revolution of our society.




In 1989 Maximilian was born in the idyllic countryside of South Germany. To escape the monotony of the region he began producing his own events at the age of 14.

For 10 years Maximilian worked tirelessly arranging social and catering events along with a wide range of festivals. Harbouring a strong desire for improvement, he expanded upon his experiences earning a BA in Event Management with a focus on Music events.

The emerging cannabis industry quickly caught his attention, after graduating he began a position within the German Cannabis Association (DHV). It was here that he recognised a growing need for an institution capable of offering professional events focusing on a more liberal world and the developing cannabis industry.

In April 2019 he founded “Light Up Event Management” to change this.